James Robertson is a consultant, teacher, author and practitioner. He has worked on almost every type of information system. His experience has led him to write numerous seminars and papers that are well respected as sources of new software development ideas. His areas of concern are the contribution that good requirements make to successful projects. He is also a leading proponent of the principle of introducing creativity into the requirements process.

Before becoming a systems engineer, James trained as an architect and his experience in that profession provides inspiration for his work on innovation and creativity.

James’s latest book, Business Analysis Agility, describes how business analysis can be done in a more agile (nimble, adaptable, open-minded) was, and how good business analysis practices can be integrated with agile development efforts.

He is also co-author of Mastering the Requirements Process, first, second and third editions (Addison-Wesley), which introduced the Volere requirements techniques. He also co-authored Requirements-Led Project Management: Discovering David’s Slingshot. This book addresses the question of how project managers can take advantage of requirements to plan and steer their projects.

He also co-authored, with his fellow principals of the Atlantic Systems Guild, Adrenaline Junkies & Template Zombies – Understanding Patterns of Project Behavior.

When not working, James likes little better than skiing in the French Alps. He is also an enthusiastic photographer. Some of his work is posted on Flickr.