The members of the Atlantic Systems Guild practice, teach, and improve the fields of system requirements definition, team leadership, and project management. The Guild’s six principals have authored over twenty notable books, including their recent collaboration, Adrenaline Junkies and Template Zombies – Understanding Patterns of Project Behavior, which won the Jolt Award for best general computing book. If you or your teams build systems, you are probably using techniques that were advanced by members of the Guild.

The Atlantic Systems Guild is a guild in the traditional sense – an organization of master craftsmen. Each principal is an independent professional. You deal with a principal who has earned his or her place in this select band by being someone with a special talent.

The Guild is:

Suzanne Robertson and James Robertson, the London partners, are the creators of the Volere requirements process, which includes the popular Volere Requirements Specification Template. Their seminars and consulting assignments have helped organizations around the world improve their discovery and delivery of solutions that solve the right problems. Their most recent books is Business Analysis Agility – Solve the Real Problem, Deliver Real Value.

Steve McMenamin is a former senior vice president and chief information officer at Hawaiian Electric Company in Honolulu. Before joining Hawaiian Electric, Steve held executive positions at Borland Software, BEA Systems, and Southern California Edison Company. Steve is coauthor of Essential Systems Analysis.

Tim Lister works out of the Guild’s New York office. He spends his time helping systems organizations become more effective with what they have. He is a self-proclaimed risk-management zealot who believes that it’s all about risk and reward, and that productivity and quality are meaningless unless put into the risk/reward context. Tim is coauthor with Tom DeMarco of Peopleware and Waltzing With Bears.

Peter Hruschka, based in Aachen, Germany, specializes in requirements and design of embedded real-time systems. He is the co-developer of the ARC42 template for system architecture documentation. In one of his earlier lives, he pioneered modeling tools for structured and object-oriented methods. He has coauthored half-a-dozen books on methods and tools.

Tom DeMarco is the author or coauthor of fifteen books, and a consultant specializing in project success and, sometimes, project failure (litigation). His non-technical publications include a mainstream novel and a short story collection. He lives in Maine with his wife, Sally O. Smyth.