Suzanne Robertson is a principal and founder of the Atlantic Systems Guild. Suzanne is co-author of Mastering the Requirements Process—third edition, a guide for practitioners on finding requirements and writing them so that all stakeholders can understand them. Suzanne works with organizations to apply innovative techniques and fresh thinking in all of their systems development activities. Her work also includes research and consulting on the management, sociological and technological aspects of requirements. The product of her research and experience is Volere, a requirements process, template and techniques for assessing requirements quality, and for specifying requirements.

She has also made an impact in the socio-technical arena. This includes research and consulting on managing project sociology, both individually and as collaborative efforts between business, technology, and academia.

Her experience with different projects in both the private and public sectors has given her experience in a wide variety of systems and locations. She has worked in Europe, Australia, the Far East, and the United States.

Her most recent publication is Business Analysis Agility, which demonstrates how business analysts can work seamlessly with agile development.

Suzanne’s other interests include a passion for the opera, cooking, skiing and finding out about curious things.